Jen Krueger’s PrePopCulture started as a podcast. It lived on iTunes and in podcatchers. It delivered show information as embedded metadata. Having a website wouldn’t have hurt it, but it didn’t really need one.

Then it became a podcast with weekly promotional video shorts. But the videos lived on YouTube,  and Jen shared them on Twitter and Facebook. It still didn’t need a dedicated website.

Then it became a podcast with weekly promotional videos and a weekly column on ComicMix. And suddenly there was just too much going on in too many different places. Suddenly, PrePopCulture needed a website. It needed a home, a roof beneath which to gather all of its children.

I set Jen up with a custom WordPress site, making it easy for her to share new episodes, embed her videos, link to all of her columns, and more. The original design, clean and sleek with huge pops of color, is visually striking without sacrificing usability or clarity.

I’m also responsible for the minimalist “blue-beige-pink” episode art that has recently been appearing every other week.

(Also: it’s a good podcast. You should check it out.)