Back in Shape Chiropractic

Dr. Potetti had a problem. His website was outdated and confusing. Information was scattered across a few pages with little structure or purpose. There was no focus, no actionable content.

The new Back in Shape website gives structure and style to Dr. Potetti’s content, ensuring that his visitors understand just what chiropractic medicine is and what it can do for them. And visitors are encouraged not just to learn, but to take action. Call for an appointment. Download the new patient form. Check out a new study about the medical benefits of massage.

Now, search engine optimization is a slippery thing, and the line between SEO practicality and hokum is thin and razor-sharp, but I implemented some common sense “best practices” and the site has been steadily climbing the rankings ever since.

Finally, I set the good doctor up with some brand new branding materials (groan), including a new logo and print-ready business card and stationery design files.

  • Categories: Graphic Design, Web Design
  • Client: Dr. Leo J Potetti, D.C.
  • URL:
  • I did: Branding, Design, HTML, Wordpress
  • Status: Launched