Alverne Ball

A (mini) case study

Alverne Ball wears many hats — he’s a novelist, a comic book creator, a screenwriter, a project manager — and he needed a way to gather all of those hats together on one… shelf? Hat rack?

Years ago, when I was just a fledgling designer, I built a website for Alverne. It was a good site, and it suited him well. But times change, tastes change, and so, too, must websites change. It was time for a new design. Time to bring Alverne’s site up to modern standards, with a modern design philosophy to represent his broadening range of services and creative output.


The biggest challenge was translating a massive amount of information and content into a cleaner, simpler design. Density has replaced airyness, breadth has replaced  depth, and clean, readable typography is now the order of the day. In other words: everything has changed.

Focus on Features

My number one priority was giving focus to the amazing work that Alverne puts together. Now he can highlight features to appear in the “hero” box on the home page. Even better, all of that work is done behind the scenes. All Alverne has to do is decide what to feature, click a box, and the site will automatically display that content in the big beautiful callout area. Quick. Easy. Painless.

Clean Presentation

A modern grid-based layout ensures that every page of Alverne’s site makes sense. It’s about providing just enough information, about guiding the viewer’s eye, and about avoiding sensory overload.

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are things that the visitor should never worry about. They should be transparent. And here, in the new, they are. Clean design minimizes confusion. It provides clear options. It ensures that visitors get what then need, where and when they need it.

The old is a dark affair, all moody noir and darkness. The new look is much simpler, clean white with dazzling pops of color. Throw in a retro logo with a font that evokes Alverne’s bread and butter — comics — and we’re talking major overhaul.

  • Categories: Web Design
  • Client: Alverne Ball
  • Status: In Production